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Travellers are learning things can be more complicated when planning a vacation. One wrong move, and they can find themselves stuck half a world away. Tour operators have new rules. Travel insurance has changed. Nothing is true online unless you’ve confirmed it recently and directly, and it often takes persistence just to get someone on the phone. Lanair Travel takes the hassle out of booking, and they have access to the best deals across categories and packages you can’t find online. Lanair Travel leverages their experience to help travellers save money, take the legwork out of figuring what destinations might have any restrictions and use their up-to-date knowledge to make travel as easy as possible. Planning a trip is about more than booking a seat on an airplane, it’s about planning an experience — and that’s where Lanair Travel’s knowledge can help.

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Find the best travel specials with Lanair Int'l Travel. Browse our hot travel deals to plan your next trip.

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Join Our Group Getaways! The best parts about traveling with a group are the experiences, a new network of friends you create along the way and the memories you take home long after your vacation is over.

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